Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement represents a promise from the Law Offices of Kenneth J. Goldberg that it shall deliver the following level of services to you and your customers:

1.    Communication
All clients, mortgage professionals and real estate professionals will be kept in the loop.  They will be notified of all significant events relating to the transaction and reminded of important deadlines.  They will have all contact points for the attorney handling the transaction, including email, office phone, cell phone, and home phone.  All phone calls and emails will be returned the same day they are received.

2.    Coordination with You/The Lender/The Processing Department
The attorney will coordinate all details and work closely with all parties involved in the transaction to assure a smooth and seamless transaction.  The attorney will refer all loan related questions to the mortgage professional to assure that the customers are presented with only one and not multiple answers to loan related issues.

3.    Fees
The fees for any given transaction, whether it is a closing costs loan or a no-closing costs loan, shall match, to the penny, the fees that you have been quoted on the mortgage professional’s Good Faith Estimate.

4.    Closing Location
The attorney understands that convenience is paramount when it comes to scheduling the time and location of the closing.  The attorney will let all parties as far in advance as possible of any potential scheduling conflicts, such as two or more closings on the same day.  The attorney will work with all parties to close at a location convenient for all concerned.