Real Estate Testimonials

Mortgage Professionals
Anne Borghesani
Branch Manager
First Home Mortgage Company

I am the Branch Manager of First Home Mortgage Company for the Hingham, Massachusetts branch.

I would like to recommend Attorney Kenneth Goldberg as a closing attorney for your firm.  I have worked on multiple transactions with Attorney Goldberg.  He is responsive to our needs and our customer’s needs.  He is conscientious and detail oriented.  He follows up on all requests made of him and is a pleasure to work with.  His closing package submissions follow our directions perfectly and I am not aware of any closings where we have had to request further or corrected documentation from him

Joseph McBreen
Mortgage Master, Inc.

I am a Loan Officer with Mortgage Master, Inc., which is a licensed lender and mortgage broker in a variety of states, including Massachusetts.  

I have the pleasure of writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ken Goldberg, with whom I have worked for many, many.  I had the pleasure of first working with Ken when one of my clients requested that Ken be his closing attorney.  At first, I was reluctant to go with someone other than my regular attorney who has closed almost all of my loans.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that not only did Ken know what he was doing when it came to handling the real estate transaction, but that he also worked extremely well with the customer.  Since that time, I have received numerous referrals from that customer’s co-workers.  I would have to say that at this point, Ken has become my primary closing attorney.  He travels to client’s houses to handle refinances and he works well with my loan processing department.  He is an overall professional and courteous person with whom to work.

In sum, I would like to furnish Ken with the highest recommendation for handling your real estate closing needs.


Rich and Justyna Kuong
Relocation Home Buyer


This is just a quick email to thank you for all that you did for Justyna and I leading up to and including closing last Friday.  It had been a very long process!  Luckily, we had you as the Bank attorney.  Justyna and I were so impressed by your professionalism, competence, attention to detail, and efficiency, right up to the portfolio decorated in the American flag.  Especially after our arduous mortgage process with the lender, having you conduct the closing was a welcome breath of fresh air. We also appreciated your efforts to help us locate our personal attorney Thursday evening when the lender threw us another curve ball at the eleventh hour.

You should take solace in knowing that by performing your duties, you greatly help people endure their most salient purchase, a home.  In this regard you touch people’s lives through the years that they live within their home!  I’m sure your father is very proud of the legal tradition that you continue to represent through your firm.

Due to the aforementioned, we will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking to hire a good bank attorney.  Additionally, when we get settled in and procure enough furniture, we plan to have a festive house-warming party.  We will be sure to let you know and hopefully you may be able to fit it into your schedule.

In closing, I reflect on the fond memory that everyone walked away from closing Friday with a smile.  It was win-win all the way around, the way things in life should always be.

Again, thank you for everything Ken.


Rich and Justyna

Aly Kieu
Home Buyer

Dear Friend,

It was a pleasure having you represent me. You hear a lot about the home buying process, but to go through it was one of the most happiest and stressful times in my life. As a lawyer, you went above and beyond to make sure I got the best service possible. Your limitless attention, and round the clock availability made this process easier. You made yourself accessible after hours on countless occasions. Whenever I needed something answered right away, even at 10pm in the evening, you were there no questions asked. Everything was done in a timely matter, and I could not be happier. I wanted a real estate lawyer, what I ended up finding was a friend who helped me achieve my goal of the American dream.

Thank you Mr. Goldberg.

Networking Professionals

Bruce R. McElvenny, MBA, MST, CPA, JD

Attorney Goldberg and I have known each other since our initial introduction in 1991, when I first began my financial and tax consulting practice.

Through my practice, I have had the opportunity of working closely with Attorney Goldberg and several mutual clients.  Consequently, I have become personally and professionally acquainted with Attorney Goldberg.  It is a result of my personal observations that I feel qualified to attest that Attorney Goldberg has always displayed the highest degree of professional responsibility and uncompromising integrity in his practice and dealings with others.

During the time that I have worked with Attorney Goldberg, I have witnessed his personal discipline and professional attributes and can acknowledge that these attributes have caused me to personally seek his opinion and legal counsel and I have always felt confident with his advice, recommendations and the outcome of his services on my behalf.